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CHINED HULL: The chines on Elan 350OD's hull boost the boat's tracking ability at speed and clean off the wake, giving the boat improved high speed capability and control.

TWIN RUDDERS: Elan 350OD's broad stern allows for an increased form stability and power integrating well with the twin-rudder arrangement and delivering excellent control even at high heel angles.

CROSS-OVER STEERING SYSTEM: The unique combination of twin rudders and two steering wheels offers an excellent steering precision and easy handling in all weather conditions.

CARBON BOWSPRIT: The retractable carbon bowsprit brings an efficient asymmetric setting, bringing the rig's centre of effort forward to enhance control at high speed.

GENNAKER: The Elan 350OD is a very fast boat with it's regular sloop rigging, put the gennaker on, and it won't be hard to plane her at a speed of around 15 knots.

JIB SHEET OUTHAUL: To finetune your jib.

GERMAN SHEETING: For better and easier main trimming.

DYNEEMA RIGGING: Dyneema, 'the world's strongest fiber' is used for all standing and running rigging.

BACKSTAY WITH FLICKER: For quick and easy backstay handling.

T-KEEL: A thin iron keel of 2.15 m draught, attached to the hull with oversized structure to stand very big forces.

FOLDABLE FOOTHOLD AT HELM: The Elan 350OD sails like a dream upwind. You'll love the foldable foothold on both starboard side and portside which help you sit stable and concentrate on the joy of steering the boat.

JIB SHEET TRACK: For enhanced trimming ability.

CURVED TRACK TRAVELER FOR THE MAIN SHEET: For better performance via fine tuning the main.

FLAT BOOM: For a little more sail area.

EASY CONTROL: all sheets and halyards in cockpit, two wheels, German sheeting. Very easy to handle shorthanded or for a small crew.

LIGHT WEIGHT: as compared to other boats of its class.

LARGE SAIL AREA: the combined sail area of 65.6 square metre of the main and the jib give the Elan 350OD an outstanding sail area/wetted surface ratio, to make her faster than other boats in her class.

LONG WATERLINE: thanks to the wide aft, the chined hull and the vertical stem, the Elan 350OD has a maximum length and ideally shaped water line even when strongly heeled.

WIDE AFT: to give more power, speed and stability, better rudder control and ideal water line through the chined hull.



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